What’s new in breastfeeding medicine
Tuesday November 30, 2021 from
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Anjana Srinivasan, Canada

Family doctor

McGill Dépt of Family Medicine


What's new's in breastfeeding medicine? This presentation will give an overview of some of the ways family physicians can help mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journey. A multifactorial approach to nipple and breast pain in breastfeeding mothers will be presented. Breastmilk production issues, including the use and indications for galactogues, will be discussed. The safety of medication and drugs during breastfeeding will be explained. The presentation will included multiple cases, photos and videos. A discussion/question-answer portion will be included at the end so that participants may bring up any cases or queries they have about this subject, including anything that was not discussed during the presentation. 


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Support breastfeeding mothers and babies in an effective manner by understanding the different factors that can help or hinder to successful breastfeeding
  • Understand the intricacies of the latch and help mothers and babies achieve a comfortable and painless breastfeeding experience
  • Manage nipple and breast pain in breastfeeding mothers by understanding the multiple contributing factors
  • Help mothers with decreased breastmilk supply, including understanding the use and indications for galactogues
  • Counsel mothers on the safety of medications and drugs during breastfeeding


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