Personalized genetic testing - What we should all know
Tuesday November 30, 2021 from
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Teresa M Rudkin, Canada

Assistant Professor

Department of Family Medicine

McGill University


Not your typical CME:  Delve 9-orders of magnitude into the nano-sphere of your DNA. 

Aiming to be relevant and practical, this workshop will be a brief journey through the current era of direct-to-consumer genetic testing - From fetal DNA circulating within maternal circulation, to a tour of Relationship and Ancestry testing, to the murkiest realm of personalized predictive genetic testing. 

Be updated and empowered to understand the new genetic tests available to you and your patients.


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value and limitations of noninvasive prenatal testing
  • Be able to discriminate between providers of Relationship and Ancestry testing and recognize the limitations of these tests
  • Know how to approach a patient handing you their personalized genetic test and to decide whether paying for these tests is a good decision for yourself. 

Lectures by Teresa M Rudkin

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