Diabetes and technology - Is it worth it?
Monday November 29, 2021 from
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Tina Kader, Canada

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

McGill University


We are in an ever changing world of diabetes; No only new pills; new injectable and new insulins or pumps we also have new technology that enables our patients to monitor their sugars continously; This work shop will discuss pros and cons of this and will enable you to inow which patients should be using this technology and your role in helping them adjust their meds based on the results


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the technology we have for diabetes
    • a) glucose meters
    • b) flash monitoring
    • c) continous glucose monitoring
  • Understand web based sites to help your patients upload and where you would have access 24/7
  • Understand where does this fit in an family practice please join in to shart experience and come away with some take home messages

Lectures by Tina Kader

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13:00 - 15:05
Plenary - 2 Does this patient really have type 2 diabetes? recording scheduled
15:20 - 16:20
Diabetes and technology - Is it worth it? - Tina Kader Diabetes and technology - Is it worth it? recording scheduled

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