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PL-1-1Cardiology game changers in 2021 Jacqueline JozaDownload PDF
PL-1-2Asthma guidelines - How family docs can do better!Shawn AaronDownload PDF
PL-1-32021 updated approach to lipid managementRahul JainDownload PDF
PL-1-4Obesity medicine for the solo practitionerSean WhartonDownload PDF
PL-2-1Diabetes - Which agent should I use for this patient?Ting-Yu WangDownload PDF
PL-2-2Does this patient really have type 2 diabetes?Tina KaderDownload PDF
PL-2-3Should we be screening for lung cancer?Carmela PepeDownload PDF
PL-2-4Contraception update 2021Cleve ZieglerDownload PDF
PL-3-1COVID-19 Update: How two years has shaped our understanding of respiratory virus infection controlLeighanne ParkesDownload PDF
PL-3-2Virtual Care: Medicolegal considerationsJanet NuthDownload PDF
PL-3-3Early management of back pain: When to refer to a specialist?Jeff GolanDownload PDF
PL-3-4Radiology in the pandemic: What's New?Matt RamaniDownload PDF
PL-4-1Does an Aspirin a day really keep the doctor away?Theodore WeinDownload PDF
PL-4-2ADHD from adolescence to adulthoodMartin GignacDownload PDF
PL-4-3To refer or not to refer? That is the question! Cases in peds endoPreetha KrishnamoorthyDownload PDF
PL-4-4Battle of the bulge: Evaluation and management of abdominal wall hernias in childrenSherif EmilDownload PDF
PL-5-1Male fertility assessment: What can I do in the office?Peter ChanDownload PDF
PL-5-2Crystallizing the approach to gout & pseudogoutMichael StarrDownload PDF
PL-5-3Secondary immunodeficiency with biologic therapies: What every doctor should knowChristine McCuskerDownload PDF
PL-5-4Nephrolithiasis: How to move rocksSameena IqbalDownload PDF
PL-6-1Preventing osteoporotic fractures: Who, when and how? Suzanne MorinDownload PDF
PL-6-2Updates in concussions: Things I thought I knewJ. Scott DelaneyDownload PDF
PL-6-3The geriatrics 5Ms. Demystifying what geriatricians doAllen HuangDownload PDF
PL-6-42021 approach to opioid use disorderVanessa Pasztor Download PDF
PL-6-5Pharmacotherapy of insomniaFiore LallaDownload PDF
PL-6-6The pseudoscience tsunamiJoseph SchwarczDownload PDF
A-1-Syncope: What is the work-upJacqueline JozaDownload PDF
A-2-Newer puffers: Benefits, costs, should we be changing?Shawn AaronDownload PDF
A-4-Implementing effective treatments for obesity in your practiceSean WhartonDownload PDF
A-5- Practical strategies in narrative based medicine for our patients, our learners, ourselvesMichael RobertsDownload PDF
A-6-A practical approach to sinusitisMarc TewfikDownload PDF
A-7-Supporting cardiovascular rehabilitation from your officeSimon BaconDownload PDF
B-1-Diabetes: Bring your problem casesTing-Yu WangDownload PDF
B-2-Diabetes and technology - Is it worth it?Tina KaderDownload PDF
B-3-Spine pain: Have we learnt anything in the 21st century?Mohan RadhakrishnaDownload PDF
B-4-Is occupational asthma under-diagnosed?Peter RohanDownload PDF
B-5-Caring for the patient on biologicsGad FriedmanDownload PDF
B-6-Pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis to HIV (PrEP and PEP)Robert CarlinDownload PDF
B-7-Pain management in the elderlyDavid LussierDownload PDF
C-1-Common sleep problems in childrenSheila Venkatarangam JacobDownload PDF
C-3-Dementia and MCIFadi MassoudDownload PDF
C-4-Guideline-based pediatric otolaryngology care for the family physicianJoshua GurbergDownload PDF
C-6-Improving your documentation: Lessons learned from the CMPAJanet NuthDownload PDF
C-7-Getting off the radiology treadmill: CystsMatt RamaniDownload PDF
D-1-What’s new in breastfeeding medicineAnjana SrinivasanDownload PDF
D-2-PCOS and other adolescent menstrual disordersPreetha KrishnamoorthyDownload PDF
D-3-Lumps and bumps in children: The common and the uncommonSherif EmilDownload PDF
D-4-Introduction to research in the family physician officePierre PluyeDownload PDF
D-5-Mood dysregulation disorders in children & adolescentsMartin GignacDownload PDF
D-7-Primary care considerations for a gender diverse populationTiffany GasseDownload PDF
E-1-CKD the two sided storySameena IqbalDownload PDF
E-2-Managing food allergies in kidsChristine McCuskerDownload PDF
E-5-Joint reduction techniquesJ. Scott DelaneyDownload PDF
E-6-Navigating male fertility assessments and managing challenging casesPeter ChanDownload PDF
E-7-Help! What do all these rheumatology lab tests mean? Michael StarrDownload PDF
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